Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sparkling Sunday - It's my birthday

No big party, no extravagant gifts and no birthday cake.  OMG am I getting old.  Wait a minute as my BFF Percy says "you are not getting old, YOU ARE OLD".  That's what friends are for, they tell you the truth and guess what, "I can handle the truth."  So today is just another Sunday but although there is no big celebration, somehow my friends manage to do a get together to celebrate it.  My friends just bought a big boat and we got on it for it's first boat tour. Afterwards we had a BBQ at their deck overlooking Discovery Bay.  I almost forgot to mention that Jean already gave me the birthday gift a month ago.  Jeff manage to get me a couple of things while were in Vernon, BC Canada and I love it because it was practical.  I am very thankful to be at my age still feeling young and able to do a lot of things, like play golf, tennis, bowling and even go out dancing.  Although my knee is only good for a couple of songs.  It has been almost seven years since I retired and I am so glad of that decision.  Being retired in California was a wonderful experience but life brings changes and we are very excited with the coming change.  Keep following my blog to read about our next adventure.

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