Monday, June 26, 2017

Manic Monday - House is not a Home

As much as we like to sell our home quickly and get the best price, there are things that is a little bit annoying because you still have to live in it.  Now I know that when and if we move again, I would prefer to move out and clear the house and stay in our RV or a hotel.  When all your personal effects has been removed, it's just a house.  During the process, we have to make sure we keep it clean and I have opted not to cook so the house won't smell like food. One benefit is the house looks so bright and clean.  When we talk about what we need to do with our new home, we said we should be minimalist.  Simple furniture, clean cut and only a few decorations so it's not cluttered and less things to dust.  It's going to be a lot of fun trying to furnish a bigger home and keep it under budget.  Hopefully my daughter can help me and provide some ideas when it comes to style, color and design.  Here are some of the items we are considering.

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Furniture of America Vellaire Contemporary 2-piece Sofa Set

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