Monday, June 12, 2017

Mouthwatering Monday - Makes me hungry

When my sister told me about the dinner she was preparing for her guests, I was not really
sure how she was going to do it.  A few days later she sent me the photos of the dinner she
prepared.  I was actually surprised because there were a lot of different type of Filipino dishes as well as dessert.  It was so mouth watering and I wish I was invited but it would have been a very expensive dinner.  My sister lives in Alberta, Canada.  Anyway, I wanted to share the photos with my reader.  

This dessert is called Halo-halo.  A mixture of sweets with coconut milk and crushed ice.
She made some grilled fish, crispy pork belly, lumpia (spring roll), bbq chicken and mango salad.
Then a couple days later, my daughter sent me a photo of their dinner and I got jealous again because I love seafood.  The next day after golf we decided to stop and have dinner at a place called Crab Claw.  Sorry, I couldn't find a photo of this meal.  Instead I have the dessert I made for our guests,

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