Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sourdough Saturday - Breads and more

It has been a while since I stopped by the Farmer's Market near us.  They have been there all year round each and every Saturday.  We had some down time one weekend so we decided to stop by.  The fruits and vegetables look really great but not really cheap.  The two booths that I checked was the bread and the other was the orchids. We did a little taste test of their Vegan banana and the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. The other bread that we ended up buying was their Sourdough Bread.  My MIL's favorite bread is sourdough.  We decided to check out another aisle and that's when I saw all the beautiful orchids.  I miss my orchid that my next door neighbor gave me a couple of years ago.  She ended up with it again because I couldn't take it with us.  Back to breads and more.  Last Tuesday after my lunch with one of my golf girlfriend, we decided to stop by a new bakery and I did remember to take photos.  We were going to try one of their cakes but opted on just trying the sample. OMG the frosting was too sweet it hurt our teeth.  We crossed the street and had ice cream instead.  Now here's all the photos of the breads and more.

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