Monday, June 5, 2017

Mix Mix Monday - Only one drink

Do you remember those days when you could drink a lot more before you declared yourself drunk?  As we grow old and lack of practice the amount of alcohol that we can tolerate seems getting smaller and smaller.  Not that I want to be able to consume a lot, but now that I am getting really old (LOL), I don't even need a drink to have a great time.  Actually I never did.  But I am sure some of my friends recall some of my birthday parties, where I end up going home early before some of my out of town guests arrive.  At the same time, at my 50th party, I only drank diet coke the whole evening.  It was not funny the next day where I felt a hangover from drink too much of the fake sugar in the soda.  Now when there is an occasion and I am going to have the one and only drink, I have to make sure it is the one that I crave and that I am truly going to enjoy.  Here are some of the drinks that have made my list as my favorites.  Of course being a diabetic, I have to be truly careful to ensure that my blood sugar does not go too high or too low.  

Image result for moscow mule drink
My new favorite Moscow Mule - I even got my own special mug.

AMF - ingredients very similar to the Long Island Ice Tea.

Raspberry Beer
Image result for best spicy caesar drink recipe
The best Spicy Caesar I have ever seen.

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