Saturday, June 3, 2017

Signature Saturday - Sign, sealed and delivered

For the past couple of weeks we have been doing a lot of signing in, creating user ID, password, etc.  The world of technology and paperless transaction is daunting.  Maybe for some of us older people who did not grow up using computers, etc. at times it's scary and intimidating.  I am thankful that Jeff is such a geek and so much comfortable in dealing with anything online, electronic transfers, and so on.  Even as simple as switching to a new phone is like trying to learn how to walk again.  A few days ago I was trying to check something on Pinterest and I found out I can't remember my ID and password.  I had to plug in my old phone, recharge and search for the information I needed.  My daughter was trying to help me and finally I figured it out.  She mentions that having an iphone was easy when it comes to switching new phones because that data is transferred automatically.  Jeff said, you can always switch to any Apple products, but you won't get any technical help from him. Some people create a special Excel document to record all the information for logging.  Others write them in a book, old school system that works as long as you don't misplace that book.  What is truly worrisome is every time the news announce hacking, identity theft and anything related to emails, bank accounts, personal records, one would have to quickly change passwords and do all the preventative measures.  When you experience your bank card being compromised, you tend to not trust anything anymore.  You become paranoid about using anything that might reveal your accounts, etc.  Modern technology is convenient but you also feel vulnerable to hacking and unscrupulous crooks.  

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