Friday, June 9, 2017

Frangible Friday - To pack or not to pack

How can I describe what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks? Let me see how many words I can use.  Paring, organizing, packing, sewing, sorting, shredding, cooking, cleaning, ironing, labeling, filing, wrapping, and others I can describe. Moving to another country in nothing new to me.  At my age I have move to three countries and now this is my fourth although it's the same as the one I recently came from.  For Jeff, this is the first time for him.  He was born and raised in the Bay area and although he has moved different cities or communities, it is still the Bay area and not a different state.  That's another difference, I have moved cities and provinces in Canada.  If I recall correctly, I moved from Ontario to San Jose with only 11 boxes of 16x16x16.  I used UPS for the shipping of these boxes and it arrived within a week.  Although some of the items where broken, it was nothing of importance, just the glass of some of the picture frames.  It is taking a bit more time for Jeff since he has lived in the house for almost 11 years and his other house about 14 years.  He has collected a lot of tools, boxes of files, and other stuff I don't even know.  So paring down for him is much more time consuming and overwhelming.  Being the experienced one, I have packed the linen closet, photo albums, important documents, my foot ware, his and hers coat and jackets, plus a box of dry goods that are not available in the place we are moving. Now I have to end this post because there's still plenty of packing, sorting and cleaning to be done.  Until the next post, please keep on reading and thank you for following my blog.

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