Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wondering Wednesday - Not sick just busy

Has it been over a week since I posted something on my blog?  Oh no,  some of my friends are wondering, is she sick or maybe too busy or is she running out of ideas.  The answer is yes, yes and no.  I have not been feeling good since Sunday to the point that I missed golf on Monday.  Not sure what it was, just no energy and as I also say, lost my bounce.  Today was better, actually felt good enough to bake.  I made some blueberry muffins and a pineapple coconut cake.  Oh no, I forgot to take photos.  Maybe I'll post it by the weekend.  Tonight my BFF from Ottawa is coming for a visit for 6 days.  It has been two years since her last visit.  We didn't plan a lot for this trip as it'll just be all spontaneous stuff that we will attempt.  Oh, that's right what was it that kept me from blogging.  Embroidery.  If you recall on one of my post I was doing some tea towels for my daughter and then I got carried away and bought more towels in different colors.  So far I have finished four more and only two left to do.  After that I told my MIL that I will return all her threads that I did not use because I am taking a break from embroidering.  Maybe I'll take up another craft or get back to sewing more project.  Actually I have one order of change mat and some other new baby stuff which I will start in January.  Check out the latest tea towels I have completed.


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