Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scrubs Saturday - A new sewing project

During the week my childhood friend Cleo from LA called to chat and tell me about her recent Viking cruise.  After hearing all her stories I am more convinced that I will need to start saving for that big trip that I want to do for my 65th birthday.  Anyway, during our chat we talked about my recent embroidery projects and other sewing project.  For some reason we started talking about what she wears to work and how she had to buy her own because most of the ones they provide were very big on her.  That's when I thought that maybe that will be my next project, sewing her a customized scrubs.  Although I have to wait until I meet her in person so I can measure here, but if I can actually do it, it will be one special scrubs.  I started researching for some ideas since I know how to make the pants, it will easy because it will be with drawstrings and some pockets, it's like making a pajama bottoms, but a more tapered skinny look.  As for the top, it has a V neckline, sleeves, some pockets and not other openings that requires buttons or snaps or zippers.  On another note, check out my latest kitchen embroidered towel.

This towel will be one of my Christmas gift to someone special.

Image result for scrubs pattern free sewing
It will be something similar to this except I can only use plain blue fabric as required by the hospital.

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