Monday, November 21, 2016

Mouth-watering Monday - Sushi for birthdays

Last week there were three birthdays were celebrated, two in Canada and one here.  The one here was a cousin of Jeff and she wanted to have Italian food at Maggiano's which was located in Santana Row.  It was a bad night to be there as there were no parking available.  We had to park across the area somewhere and walk to the restaurant which by the way was a cold evening.  Apparently it was the tree lighting ceremony and there were so many people.  Anyway the food was just OK.  I felt bad for Jeff's mom since she was wanting to have Ravioli and they only have cheese or mushroom version, so she ended up with just a salad.  The other birthday was my favorite SIL Mike and they celebrated his birthday by having dinner at a place called Jabistro located in the heart of downtown Toronto.  My daughter described what they had but check out the photo that Mike shared.

The other celebrant was my friend and golf buddy Lulu who is also in Canada.  She mentioned that they are ordering a big tray of Sushi to share.  She sad that it was the perfect meal for birthday since the word Sushi in Chinese means LIFE and what a better way to celebrate your birthday.

I have more mouth-watering photos which I took a week ago when we went to dinner with friends at one of the new Thai restaurant near our place.  Jeff ordered this coconut shrimp and was surprised to see how large the prawns were.

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