Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stitching Sunday - I'm loving it

Now that my daughter has received the tea towels that I embroidered for her, I can now post the photo of these amazing stitching that I have accomplished.  Last night I decided to draw all the design on 7 more tea towels that I hope to complete the embroidery before Christmas.  I haven't figured out who I am giving them to because when all is said and one I might not be able to part with it.  Most of the time I try to do my stitching during the day time because of the natural light that comes from our dining room window.  At night when I am watching some TV, I could still do it but our living room lights are not as bright that I need some extra lighting, like Jeff's Ryobi flash lights.  As I have mentioned before, doing this type of craft is very relaxing.  The other benefit is that you see the design transform into a much wonderful art work.  Now I can share these project and a new one which I completed last Thursday night. My daughter really love her new kitchen towels and she said I did an amazing job. 


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