Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sorting Saturday - Getting ready

According the the Canadian Immigration website, it will take almost 14 months to process an application for a spousal sponsorship.  So we are thinking that by April 2018 we should be able to plan our return to Canada.  Is it too early to start pairing down?  I don't think so.
This weekend, Jeff and I started with some of our clothes.  We sorted them and figured out it was time to donate again.  Maybe it's a little too early but if we do some sorting of whatever we have every other weekend, I figured we will be so organized, moving will be a breeze.  I believe the biggest challenge for Jeff is the garage.  He has a collection of stuff from tools to whatever it maybe and it will take him a year to get it cleaned.  The problem is that I cannot help him do it.  He has to sort it himself and figure how out what to throw, sell, keep or give away.  I remember the first time I moved to his home and I saw the garage, well if you really know me, you know what I said.  There were many days during that first year I wanted to start cleaning and sorting but I knew it might have caused our break-up. LOL.  So I left it and I just ignored it but it' very difficult.  Now that we have a reason to truly do something about it, I am hoping Jeff will get the push to start cleaning it up.  I have to remind him that this is a different move and we really have to be realistic on what we can take and what we have to leave.  We have seen a few of our friends move and even after garage sales, they still stuff to figure out what to do.  Hopefully we won't have that issue since I only have been living here for 6 years and Jeff for 10 years.  I have more experience than Jeff as far as moving or relocating.  From the Philippines to Canada to the USA, that's 3 countries.  While in Canada I have moved from Yellowknife to Whitehorse to Mississauga and Ottawa (twice).  Jeff was born in San Jose and although he has moved residences, it's always around the area. He has never lived in any other State or any other country.  Will he be able to adjust?  We shall wait and see.

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