Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tuna Thursday - A different kind

When my daughter ask me if I am up for a challenge, I give it my full attention.  I love a challenge specially when it is about being creative.  So she sends me a photo of some pots and a bunch of different variety of Cactus.  But it's not real plant, it's actually a photo of some creative embroidery art on a piece of cloth.  So I ask where she would like this art, she thought I could embroider something similar on a white tea towel.  Of course hand embroidery is a new hobby that I started so I consulted with my MIL.  She did some explaining and I decided I could do something similar.  Although I can't show you the finish product because it is suppose to be a surprise for my daughter, which I had a hard time keeping, but I did.  I will share the design as my daughter chose four of them for her towel.
Anyway, I have to honestly admit that this hand embroidery is so relaxing but so addicting.  You can actually start to see how each item of the design gets finish.  I completed the challenge within a couple of nights.  Now I have to start being creative and start drawing some new design for six new kitchen towels that will be used as Christmas gifts.
The photo my daughter sent for the challenge.

I drew this using some of the idea from the above.

Same process as the above drawing.

A different color of threads for this one.

The color of threads I used for this towel.

Image result for tuna cactus
The real tuna cactus

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