Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Walking Wednesday - Sidewalks are for cars?

Why does this topic annoys me so much?  Do you have this problem in your city?  Please do make a comment because it's just does not make sense.  So what is the problem with sidewalks?  First I researched on why there are sidewalks on our streets.  A paved path for pedestrians at the side of a road. This means there are specifically for pedestrians aka people walking.  But why is it that most of the people walking on our streets are on the streets and not on the sidewalk.  People walking their dogs, parents with their children and strollers are all walking on the streets.  Most of the time they don't even look if there's car coming, they just occupy the part of the street where cars are supposedly using and you need to go around them to avoid hitting them.  Are the sidewalks packed with other pedestrians?  Oh no, it's empty.  Do they want the cars to drive on the sidewalks so the pedestrians can have wider space to walk.  The other part that is truly annoying is that they give you this look like they are saying "what, can't you see we are walking and they don't even move to the side, instead they slow down and occupy the road.  I am not a walker or jogger nor do we have a dog that needs to take for their daily round.  Almost forgot, Jeff watches these people with dogs and he can see from the window of our home, some of them does not pick up the stuff the dog leaves in his garden.  He also can see these dogs, digging up the front yard where the flowers are and the owners are just letting their precious pet do whatever.  There are times when Jeff has gone out to tell them not to do whatever it is their pet is doing.  It's bad enough there's squirrels and raccoons that dig up the yard, Jeff does not need another animal doing the same.  Well, that is my venting for the week.  My apologies to my readers as this is not as exciting as my other posts.  To make up for it, I am sharing some meaningful photos.

Mini Creme Brule at Maggiano's
Someone at the golf course that I play seems to own a number of this classic cars as he parks in the same spot.
My version of black peppered chicken.

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