Sunday, April 20, 2014

Surviving Sunday - Happy Easter to all

Happy Easter to all my family and friends and of course my blog readers.  This year we have decided not to do anything for Easter.  No dinner, no brunch, and no egg hunting.  It's like I'm on strike.  For the past three years, we have hosted the Easter dinners because there was a reason to.  We don't have any decorations and we did not even buy Easter treats.  Instead I'm just going to share with you the photos of my house plants that have survive through the years.  As you know I don't have a green thumb (as the saying goes) and most of the time, the plants just dies after a few weeks.  I'm very proud of these indoor plants.
60th birthday gift - 11 months old and doing very well.

Boxing day gift of 2011 - two and a half years and still growing.

I bought this last year from Big Lots - it was so small.  I have re potted and it's looking healthy.

Christmas plant of 2013 - my sister bought this and I am sure she's so proud of me for not killing it.

My new addition - An Easter gift from my friend Jean.
May you find some happiness this Easter at home with your family and friends.

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