Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slippery Sunday - Comfy slippers

Do you wear special slippers for around the house?  When we were growing up we have what we called "chinelas" only to be worn as house slippers.  In Canada when you visit someone at their home, it was automatic, we take off our shoes or other footwear.  In the USA, it seems like people keep their shoes on unless of course you see shoes around the front door.  This past couple of days, I was shopping for some house slippers for my daughter and favorite SIL. Since it's just some type of footwear to be worn at home, it was not a requirement to have a designer kind.  Here's a collection of photos I took during the slipper shopping task.

Airport slippers, I slip this on after I take off my sandals or shoes

Guest slippers/flip flip - for our guests who forgot to bring house slippers.

Hotel slippers - the kind that is free when you stay in a nice room

These are for my favorite SIL - each one has a different type of sole

This one is for my daughter - soft and fluffy and has those special dots for traction

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