Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wine Wednesday - Vernon Vintners

A couple of weeks ago, we finally got the chance to bottle the wine that we had ordered from this wine place called Vernon Vintners.  What was exciting about all this process is that we have never done it and it was a very special time as we are doing it ourselves.  We were very fortunate to have a son in law who was amazingly creative who designed our label for our very own house wine.  This time we remembered to take some photos of the process and that is what I will be sharing with you today.  The manager Cheryl was very helpful, professional but so much fun.  We were able to taste the wine before we bottled them.  One of our friends asked if we had tasted it prior to ordering.  Of course my answer was no because I just trusted my choice of wine.  Since it was a Chilean blend I knew that it would be great.  And I was right.  Since then we were invited to join 4 others to go into another order.  We will have to wait eight more weeks and we will get 6 bottles of each of the following, Italian Viognier, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon,  White Trio, Red Trio, and finally a Chilean Malbec.  By the time our next guests arrive, we will be able to offer a variety of one to taste. 

First the bottles are washed.

Then it is filled with the wine.

Then the cork goes in using a special machine.
The red foil goes on top using a special machine.

Jeff placing the foil and I place it on the machine that heats it and seals.
Once the foil is heated and sealed, the last process is placing the label.
Our very own house wine - Chilean Cabarnet Malbec Carmenere

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