Monday, October 8, 2018

Mats Monday - Placemats for as a house warming gift

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone, to my relatives and friends in Canada or wherever you are.  Although some of the people have their dinner on Sunday night, some actually have it today.  This year since there's only two of us, we decided not to do the dinner.  Instead we were invited to a thanksgiving dinner at one of our friends home. Aside from being thankful, I am doing something special for a friend who recently bought a house in her home country.  While she was visiting I thought of asking what she might like to have in her new home.  I showed her some ideas and she decided to have some home made placemats.  Last week since it has been raining and I could not golf, it was a perfect time to do some sewing.  First, I had to fix Jeff's back pack as the zipper is broken on one of the front section.  Jeff was so pleased with the way I fixed it and he was very happy that it won't get stuck like the original way the zipper was sewn. Second, I started the place mats for my friend.  While getting everything ready, I realized I needed a different batting or lining for the middle part of the mats.  The main side are materials that I bought from the garage sale.  Not knowing what to do with it, until I showed it to my friend.  She loves butterflies.  Well, here's the finished product of her new set of placemats for her new home.  I hope that she truly loves them.

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