Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whatever Wednesday - Just a bunch of nonsense

Whatever means anything and everything that comes to my mind while I am getting this post ready for my readers.  I feel like I need to apologize because I have been missing doing my daily posts but I guess it's good to take a break from things otherwise it get's boring.
Instead of just rambling on a bunch of nonsense, I thought of just sharing some photos that I have taken lately.  
Garlic noodles - my first try - not too exciting but edible.

My MIL's new lady bug chimes - they are so pretty.

My friend Jean made this ginger snap cookies with ice cream and caramel parfait.

My sister sent me this photo she took of me while we were at the Ukranian Village.

My sister made this squash and long beans with coconut milk (a little spicy but yummy)

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