Monday, August 11, 2014

Murky Monday - Flip Flops cleaning

It only took one look at the sole of my feet after wearing my flip flop that I decided it was time to clean and scrub all of my washable flip flops.  I figured I would fill up the tub with soap water and Mr. Clean liquid and soak all of them for at least overnight.  They were all floating at the top and I had to keep flipping them over so the bottom would get soaked.  The next day I took a brush and started scrubbing the bottom until all the dirt and whatever spot it accumulated.  I rinsed them again in hot water and line them up in our backyard.  Today's post is not exciting at all but I thought it might give you an idea to do the same with your flip flops.  Am I the only one that owns a number of flip flops ( 25 total)? Since moving to SJC, I can say that I wear them at least 300 times in a year.  Check out my tub of flip flops.


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