Sunday, August 24, 2014

Supercilious Sunday - Every class has one

Remember those days when you would be either in a class or a meeting or a seminar, there is always one person that seems to be superior or behaving like they know it all.  Maybe sometime you could be that person, right.  Since I've retired, I have not been in one of those gathering until last week during one of my volunteer work.  As a last minute cancellation, I was decided to help out in a role play exercise for some students who will be enforcement officers after they complete their training. Each group were given different scenarios, etc.  One or two volunteers were assigned with a trainer/evaluator.  Unfortunately, I was assigned the one that was the Miss Smarty pants.  Being a volunteer, our job was to play the role of whatever the scenario was.  After each student, the evaluator would give their comments and or suggestion.  I was a bit surprised when Miss Smarty pants started giving her own comments and would provide suggestions.  There was also a time where she would interrupt my scenario when it was not her turn.  I believe she was trying to show that she knew a lot but actually she was trying to get as much info because she was interested in applying for that particular job.  On one occasion, the evaluator told her to stop interrupting.  She spoke so much that we were so far behind with our scenarios and was told to speed it up.  Like what I said at the beginning, when you have a group of people in a room for whatever it might be, there's always one who will be the Miss or Mr. Know it all.  

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