Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tennis Thursday - US Open is next week

With the US Open 2014 starting next week, I can't help but beg Jeff to come out and play tennis.  Ooops, I am not participating in that event, I just need to get out there for exercise.  But truly when there is a tennis event, I always get that urge to be out there doing the same.  Jeff and I started playing again last Saturday and since he is working from you, we are able to play a little early as there is no time wasted on his commute from work to home.
In fact we have invited two other couples to try it again.  I say again because they all use to play tennis when they were younger but of course, kids come along and it's put aside.  One couple even have one of those really old wooden tennis.  Since we have some extra racquets for them to try it out, we brought them along.  For now only three of the six are retired.  It would be nice when the other three retires because we can play doubles and have extras.

Let's get back to the more popular and the last major final tennis even for 2014.  They have shown some of the projected seeded players.  Unfortunately the one person who I dislike will be there again.  I can't hardly wait for her to retire so that watching the tennis events will be a more enjoyable one.  But then, Jeff had to ruin it by saying "once she retires, she will most likely be an announcer covering the major tennis events" which is probably going to be more irritating because I will see her face and hear her voice".  I'm not sure but I think that will be worst.  If she is eliminated early in the round, then I won't have to watch her for the rest of the event.  If she is the announcer, she will be there for the whole two weeks of the event. OMG, I am not sure if I can handle that,  I might have to pick up another sport, like diving??

This will be the first time that I can say that I know someone who will be watching it LIVE next week.

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