Thursday, August 7, 2014

Truthful Thursday - Pedestrians have the right, right?

Today's topic has been in my mind for a while but it has been a very busy couple of weeks after returning from my trip out west.  The idea came back to me because while in Edmonton I truly realized how polite and courteous the citizens of Edmonton.  When crossing the streets, even the busiest streets, the cars stop as soon as the pedestrians feet have left the curb.  They are watching out for you and let you cross safely and sometimes even gives you a nod or a smile.  I don't want sound not fair and criticize the drivers in the area where I live but you will probably agree with me after I tell you my story.  There is a particular crosswalk that I use at least twice a week.  What I don't understand is that it has this big thick lines on the pavement that means it's a crosswalk.  There is a big yellow sign posted on the each side of the road (see the photo) that means pedestrians crossing.  But each and everytime I am about to use this to get to the other side, most cars do not stop, even if I am halfway already and I ended up backing up my steps because I do not want to get killed.  You want to know what else I cannot understand, this crosswalk is in front of a police station.  Do the drivers just ignore or do they think those signs are just a SUGGESTION?  Once a counted at least five cars who did not stop for me even though I was so visible.  Jeff suggested that I get one of those STOP sign (you know the one used by school crossing guards).  It would look really silly, but at least I know I can cross safely, after all, aren't pedestrians have the right of way, especially when there's a crosswalk?

It is very hard to miss this very thick white lines.

Does anybody know what this sign is for?  Apparently some people don't.  Is it just a suggestion?

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