Friday, August 15, 2014

Fairways Friday - Two words only

Sometime last summer my friend Janis and I were paired up with two other golfers.  They seemed to have more experienced that us, in other words they were better golfers.  The good part is that they were nice guys and gave us compliments when we get good shots.  They also would give us tips on how to do a particular shot specially if we were in trouble.  But there was something that I learned from these guys that I would never forget.  They said, there are only two words that you want to use or hear when you are golfing. FAIRWAYS and GREENS.  I am not sure if they just made it up or maybe they've heard it before, but it was really worth keeping in mind.  Most of the time it works when I am standing on the tee box,  I would think of fairways and my ball actually is in the middle of the fairways.  When I get closer to the greens, of course I would think of getting my ball on the green or just before the green.  It is amazing all the thoughts that comes in your mind when you are golfing.  Even after all these years, I am still struggling on the longer course, but I enjoy being out in the golf course that I don't care about the scores nor handicap.  I am out there doing something that I like and enjoying the company of my friends or meeting new people.  Since living in San Jose, I have played in some of the nicest courses and if ever you are in the area, please check it out.
  • Cinnibar Hills Golf Club
  • Coyote Creek Golf Club
  • The Ranch Golf Club
  • Spring Valley Golf Course
  • The Course @ Wente Vineyards
  • Spring Hills Golf Course
  • Table Mountain Golf Course
  • Boulder Creek Golf Course
  • Los Lagos Golf Course
  • San Jose Municipal Course
  • Sunnyvale Municipal Course
  • Santa Teresa Golf Course
The best part about living in our area is that you can really golf 365 days and only need to adjust a little with your golf attire during the winter months. 

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