Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well-made Wednesday - no more sewing

No more sewing means just until the end of this month and then I can start new projects in the beginning of the year.  I decided to make a few more potato bags just in case I need a gift for friends, etc.  This year we made a couple of blankets for Jeff's grandkids to keep them warm during the cold nights.  I also made some more items for my MIL and wrap them for Christmas.  Yesterday I had to shorten a yoga pants that I got from Costco.  Just in case you are wondering I don't do yoga, I just love these pants from Costco because of the fit and the material.  It's great for just casual wear at home or going out shopping or even during those cold afternoon at the golf course. I was going to share some photos of my sewn items but I jst remember my MIL reads my blog.  Instead I found this Christmas photo that I wanted to share again. 

My Dad and Gino (3 yrs old) - Christmas of 1984 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

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