Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sister Saturday - Guest blogger

I guess I am the guest blogger. I arrived in San Jose on Friday at about 10:00am and two hours later I had started shopping. We are also on the hunt for my favorite fruit cherimoya. Unfortunately, after about 6 or maybe 7 grocery stores, we still have not found it.

My sister volunteered me to cook for their friends and so on Sunday, we were busy cooking. Today, we are hosting our cousins for Christmas Eve dinner. This year for Christmas, it is my turn to do the turkey and all the trimmings. In between we go out and do more shopping. I believe the serious shopping will be after Christmas.

Now, about the weather. I thought I will be in sunny California, but last Friday night I thought I was somewhere up near Yellowknife. We attended my sister's volunteer Christmas party at one of the golf courses here. As we were coming out of the building, it was freezing and I was shivering inside my sister's car. I feel like I experience the 4 season in one day. Early morning it feels like spring, by midday it is summer and later in the afternoon it is fall, then at evening time it is winter.

We are on our way out to meet Jeff's cousin for breakfast and then after that....who knows, if I get lucky it will be more shopping.

To all of my sister's friends and readers, I wish all of your a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks for stopping by.

I bought this for my sister to test her plant caring skills to see if it will survive past Christmas day.

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