Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tone Tuesday - The Sing Off

They are back and they are more talented, lots of different sounds and even more dancing.  It's called the SING OFF.  The only acapella singing contest that involves real singing without instruments and great harmony.  Jewel has been added to the seat as one of the judges which makes the panel a much better picture.  One of the best treat of this show is that everyone has it's own talent on producing some of the variety of sounds of a particular instrument.  This year's group is a mixed of the young and the old, all girl or all boy band style, and the bigger groups from some of the best colleges/university.  We try to record this season because some of the episode is worth replaying the next day.  After the first show, I have picked my favorites already.  Here they are:
  • Home Free - five male country group
  • Filharmonic - six boy band style Filipino group
  • Acoustikats - twelve college guys from Kentucky

I cant' hardly wait to watch the next episode and listen to their singing talent.

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