Friday, May 31, 2019

Fan Friday - Raptors VS Warriors

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Last weekend I ask my daughter who she will be cheering for this 2019 NBA Finals.  And her reply was "I don't care who wins, but I will have to cheer for the Raptors."  When we lived in San Jose (the bay area) my daughter and her hubby visited us and they had a chance to watch the Warriors game at the Oracle Arena.  Apparently they had great seats and it was a great game.  Now that we are back in Canada, I am guessing we will be cheering for the Raptors as well as it's the only Canadian team in the NBA.  Luckily, we were able to watch game 6 between Raptors and Bucks during the last few minutes.  As we were not following basketball a lot but after the Sharks lost, we thought we would check it out.  I was happy to be able to watch that exciting and amazing win by the Raptors.  Jeff does not watch a lot of the sports except NHL (Sharks) and NFL (49ers).  While I watch most the sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and even NASCAR).  Anyway, we will definitely be recording all the games and cheer for both teams.  But it will be such a treat for all Canadians to have the Raptors win the NBA Finals since Warriors already has a few trophies.  May the best team wins.  Drake will definitely be there as he is the #1 super fan.

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