Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wooden Wednesday - A new sewing table

Every year I always say that on mother's day, I won't do anything that involves working around house like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  But it seems like every year, I end up doing something because I got excited about something.  This year we decided to check a big garage sale at a high end community near the golf course in Kelowna.  Although we did not get there that early, I was able to buy a really nice table (computer desk) with a matching chair.  I bargained a little bit and since the lady who was selling it knew my friend who is their next door, she gave me a deal.  Jeff had to disassemble the desk, removing the legs in order to fit in the car.  I waited for a day and on Sunday which is mother's day, Jeff ask me if I wanted my new desk set up.  Of course I jumped on the offer.  Well, it was like a domino effect.  First the desk, then I reorganized all the bins and all the notions that was on top of my previous sewing table.  I took my time to get everything in it's proper place. For now I can start sewing and doing some of my crafts but I know that it will need another reorganizing for me to be truly satisfied with the layout.  I like everything to be practical and easy to access.  At some point I need to reorganize my fabrics, etc since I bought additional fabrics that were on sale while visiting the US.  Another project that needs to be done is a couple of dry flower arrangements for our backyard.  I was able to buy some really nice autumn colors also at the garage sale in addition to the nice vases which was also cheap but expensive looking.  It was well worth checking garage sales in expensive areas of the city.

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