Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Terrible Tuesday - More stupidity

One of my followers sent me a photo of another stupidity regarding the mail system.  So this is a follow up from my post last week.  I thought I was finished with that topic but after my
friend from Ontario sent the photo below, I cannot help by share this because it is definitely related to the previous topic.  Now you have to really zoom in to see what the package says and then see how the package is placed inside the mail box.

I just remembered another story about those mail boxes that are now being used in newer areas where the Postal Carrier do not deliver to each individual homes.  We were so excited to bring our home made mail box that Jeff and I made a few years ago.  We placed it in front of our home and then found out that we actually have to go down the street to one of those community mail box to pick up our mail.  Almost forgot about the story.  Jeff was on his way home when he noticed that all the doors were open at one of the other mail boxes. At first he thought someone had broken in the mail boxes. He stopped and parked his car while another person arrived and was wondering what had happened.  The other person was just picking up his mail.  Jeff being a good Block Watch Member stayed there in the hopes that the Postal carrier would come back to close the doors.  He waited for a while and no sign of him.  Another person checking the mail told Jeff that he just saw the mail truck.  So the 2nd person went driving around to find the truck to tell him to come back.  While this is happening, Jeff is still there keeping an eye on all the mail as well as packages inside the boxes.  After a few minutes the postal carrier in the truck came back to lock up.  He apologized to Jeff but thanked him.  If Jeff had called it in to the police or post office, the postal worker could have lost his job or have been disciplined.  The end.  

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