Saturday, January 12, 2019

Straightening Saturday - It's a new year

During the holidays my daughter suggested I watch this new episode on organizing.  The show was Tidying with Marie Kondo.  So I watched the one episode.  Then I realized it was something that will help people who does not know how to organize their home.  I am sure those of you who knows me and has been to our home, knows that I am Mrs. Organizer.  But I have to say that, although she has good ideas, I have my own way to fold, arrange and rearrange to make everything belong to its own place.  We have been in our home for over 1.5 years and I have re organized my pantry at least 4 times.  Last weekend I decided to more tidying up specifically the items that was given to me by our neighbor.  There were some Christmas decorations, wrappers, bags, etc.  I went through all the three bags in a couple of hours and kept only what is truly usable.  Then I straightened by sewing/craft room to have the items I need regularly be easily accessible.  There were also a box under my cutting table that needed some tidying up.  Once completed, I decided to do some sewing since I was getting excited about this new fabric I got last November.  Anyway, here's what I have accomplished when I get a little excited about a project.  I made a total of nine fabric pouch that can be used as a cosmetic case, pencil pouch, etc bag or whatever you need to get organized when you travel. 

Remote controls caddy for my neighbor.
The completed pouches ready for selling.

Getting fabrics ready for cutting for my pouch marathon.

Minions cosmetic bag set.
My new set for my new purse. The fabric was such a great deal - only 0.92 cents 

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