Sunday, January 6, 2019

Stringing Sunday - My new guitar feels good

At first I was not really sure if I needed another guitar when I have a 12 strings guitar that Jeff gave me a few years ago.  The problem with 12 strings is that if you don't play it enough, your fingers get really raw and it is very painful.  So my solution was to get a 6 string guitar that I can practice more often and hopefully my fingers with get better with time.  Now this new 6 string that Jeff bought was very inexpensive.  It was a great deal except that it had steel strings which is similar to my 12 string guitar.  Then I started thinking, what if I change from steel to nylon strings.  My very first guitar had nylon strings but unfortunately when I got divorced, I decided it was to much to fight about, so I left it with my X.  I don't even  know if he still has it or maybe he has sold it. LOL.  Anyway, I ask Jeff if he can order some nylon strings on Amazon, and sure enough it arrived just before Christmas.  But during the holidays we were busy and did not have time to make the switch.  After New Year's I asked Jeff if he could try switching the strings.  Of course he had already checked online and watched some video on how to do it.  One evening, he just did it, tuned it and the next day I started practicing.  Boy, does it ever feel good.  I could actually play for about half an hour before my fingers start to feel it.  After a few days, I could go for about an hour.  It's really sad that a long time ago, I use to play more often, knew a lot of the old songs, etc. without depending on the music sheets.  Now with everything available on line, I could look up new songs and learn them.  By the way, the playing is just for me and once in a while I try to sing along with the music.  Just another hobby to do during the long and cold winter nights.

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