Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Traditional Tuesday - Comfort foods

While on vacation in Toronto, my sister was very busy baking, cooking and making sweet treats for our relatives.  They were very happy to see her and spend time since it has been a long time since she was there.  If I remember it correctly the last she was there was 2008.  We could talk on the phone during her visit and she would tell what kind of meals she was preparing.  Since she spent Easter with the relatives, she prepared a complete Turkey dinner.  She enjoys baking bread and sweets that are comfort Filipino foods.  It was good that she remember to take photos so I'll share that with you.  While she was doing a lot of meals, I was doing something similar because my girlfriends from Canada were with us for a few days.  I have prepared lunch, dinner and breakfast for some of the days of their stay.
They were very appreciative of the home cook meals and was quite amazed that I can just whip up meals that are tasty and healthy.  One night I made them deep fried Oreo with strawberries and our home made ice cream.  Viewer discretion advised - might cause hunger pangs.

Chicken Pot Pie I made for lunch during my friends visit.

Ensaymada - special sweet bun my sister made while she was in Toronto.

Before the topping of butter and sugar were added.
I finally got a chance to use my Mickey Mouse waffle maker. 

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