Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stanley Saturday - NHL Playoffs

This years NHL playoffs, Jeff and I decided to have our own hockey pool.  We took turns picking teams from each of the games.  What is funny is that he got four of the Canadian teams and I only got one (Oilers).  Two days ago the first group had their first game and yesterday the rest played.  So far the score is Jeff - 1  and Luckie - 7.  Here's a breakdown of our teams:
  • Jeff's group - Senators, Leafs, Canadiens, Flames, Blue Jackets, Wilds, Blackhawks and Sharks (he's from San Jose so he has to have this team).
  • Luckie's group - Oilers, Ducks, Predators, Blues, Rangers, Capitals, Bruins and Penguins.
There is actually no monetary gains, just a friendly competition to make the playoffs much more exciting to watch.  It was shocking to see the LEAFS in the playoff but maybe it's their turn.  All my friends in Canada have teams that are not Canadian teams.  One friend is a Detroit Red Wings loyal fan while his wife was a Toronto Maple Leafs very loyal fan.  My BFF Percy is a HABS die hard fan.  As for me, when I first started watching hockey when I use to live in Yellowknife, I was a Bruins fan.  There was only one TV channel and on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday night - it's good old Hockey Night in Canada.  Through the years of watching hockey I had switched from Bruins to Flyers, NY Islanders to Quebec Nordics, then Avalanche and now Sharks.  An interesting story - a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Debbie ask me to watch the Sharks and NY Rangers.  It has been a few years since I had been at the Sharks Tank.  During the game I was telling her the story of my nephew who grew up with this talented hockey players.  The last time I checked he was playing for the Avalanche.  After I checked the roster, I found out he was not playing for them and after texting with my sister, she informed me that he got traded to the Rangers.  His name is Nick Holden # 22 of the NY Rangers.  I met this kid a few times between the age of 8 and 11.  The Sharks won that night on overtime after Nick was penalized for holding.  

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