Monday, April 10, 2017

Mickey Mouse Monday - Early birthday gift

After receiving an email from my girlfriend in Canada, I realized I have not posted anything new.  My excuse, I have been coughing for the last seven days and it is still lingering.  I am a bit tired since I don't get enough sleep due to the coughing bouts that usually happen early morning.  Around one or two in the morning and again between three and four is when I get them and I am usual up for an hour or two.  So am I a happy camper, of course not.  I guess when you are not interested in taking over the counter prescription, it might actually take twice as long to get rid of the cold or whatever it is they might call it.  Anyway, today's post is about how specially my friend Jean made me feel when we visited them last weekend at Discovery Bay.  Even though I was not in the best of health, we still had a great visit.  Prior to leaving their place, she gave me an early birthday gift.  What a nice surprise.  I got so excited because it was something I have been looking for since December and she found it and bought it.  She is a very thoughtful person.  I can't wait to use it.  It's a waffle maker shaped like Mickey.

My very own Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker.  I will get a chance to use it this weekend when our visitors arrive.

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