Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tree Trimming Tuesday - My first time

Have you ever been invited to a Christmas Tree Trimming Party?  Well, for Jeff and I, it was our first time, after all these years.  It was a day trip to Boulder Creek where the roads are very much winding all the way.  There were two ways to get there, one is very crooked and the other less snaky.  Either way it will make you sick if you are not used to it.  At first I was fine until we turned into another highway and that was it.  The sad part is that we will have to do it all over again when we go home.  Make the long story short I was not feeling good for the next couple of days.  The happy part is that I got to help decorate some of the ornaments for the tree.  Our friend Chris built this home and it took him three years but it's like a cabin over looking a bunch of redwood trees.  There's a beautiful fireplace and his bedroom is located upstairs loft.  Of course I took photos of the tree and the ornaments to share with you.


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