Monday, December 12, 2016

Minimal Monday - Only four ingredients

It's that time of the year again when the lemons and oranges are in bloom and the fruits are just the right size and sweetness.  My MIL have those fruit trees in her backyard and last week I received a bagful of those produce.  She told me that maybe I won't like the oranges as they might be a bit tarty but definitely make great marmalade.  Since I only have one jar left from last year's batch, it was time to make the very easy recipe from Ina of Food Network.  Ever since I watched her make this simple recipe of marmalade, I usually try and make a batch right after my MIL gives me a supply of these two fruits.  It will be perfect give aways during the holidays.  I don't think I can remember the last time I got store bought jams or marmalade.  My most favorite would have to be my FIG jam.  So what other treats did I make.  Another simple recipe of Almond Joy cookie was timely since only four ingredients were required.  Almond, chocolate chips, coconut and a can of condensed milk.  I was a little concerned since it did not have any of the main ingredient of a cookie recipe.  Well, I took a photo and shared it with my daughter and she immediately said I needed to make it for her.  I did and I couldn't help but eat one to make sure they were prefect.  Oh so yummy.  You still have time to make this cookie for Christmas and your family will love you.

Oranges, lemons, water and sugar.

Best ever Almond Joy cookies, soft, chewy, and a slight crunch.

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