Thursday, December 8, 2016

Timeless Thursday - Then and now

Today is a very special day because my favorite daughter is celebrating her 40th birthday.
Since she is not living in the same country as me, I sent her birthday gift early to ensure that she receives it before today.  I started shopping the gifts for this birthday as early as January.  Between two to four gifts a month was my goal because I want to make sure that I have some time on the last month to pick some last minute gifts if I did not have enough.  By the end of October, I have completed the task and I mailed the big box around the middle of November.  A funny story that my daughter shared was that when she received the box which I mailed through her work address, she opened it from the bottom instead of the top.  She wasn't really sure what I was sending her since it was a bit early.  When the box opened, most of the gifts fell on the floor and her co worker had to help to place them back in the box.  Unfortunately she was not able to take a photo of all 40 gifts and I also forgot to take a photo of the same prior to mailing it to her.  The good news is that she was able to send me a video of her opening the gifts. 

When she was two years of age, she celebrated her birthday while we were on holidays visiting relatives in the Philippines.  I found this photo of her opening her gifts.  I wish we had phones that took videos like what everyone has now a days.

Happy birthday to my favorite daughter.  I can't believe that you have reached this wonderful age and still look so young.  We look forward to seeing you soon and celebrate this special day because we can. 

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