Friday, July 22, 2016

Forgive me Friday - A bunch of excuses

This has been the longest break I took from blogging.  Actually I wasn't trying to take a break, my life just got busier and of course I am trying to enjoy every day that I feel good.  You are probably wondering what I have been up to.  I know some of you check my blog regularly and when I have not posted anything new for a few days you start wondering.  First let me ask for forgiveness and then say thank you so much for not giving up on following my blog.  So what is the number one excuse.  Honestly I think I kinda got stuck.  The last time I sat in front of my lap top to write a post, all I got was the title and the rest of the page was blank.  It was like that for a couple of days.  I tried it again, the same thing happened.  That's when I thought I needed a break.  My second excuse, I was doing a lot of sewing, trying to finish all the potato bags and fabric wallets.  I've only done half and there's more to sew.  My third excuse - we decided to do some renovations for both bathrooms.  Jeff and I have been busy shopping both online and at the stores to figure out what we like to get.  Just this week we completed all the shopping and are just waiting for the flooring to arrive.  Of course Jeff will be doing all the work and he is hoping it will only take a couple of weekends.  I will do some final details of the redecorating.  OK, I think I am caught up.  Here's some photos to share which is just a mixture of pictures taken since my last post.  Have a great weekend and a birthday wish to my golf buddy Man as well as Mark (Jeff's brother).

The assortment of produce from Jeff's garden.

My MIL had this in her kitchen and I thought it was funny.

Can you name this vegetable? 

Before.I love this small individual naan.  Perfect for single serving.

After.  The cherry tomatoes and basil are from Jeff's garden.

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