Friday, July 8, 2016

Farmer Friday - Not a full pledge

What is a definition of a farmer?  One definition is a person who cultivates a land or crops.  OK maybe Jeff is not a full pledge farmer because he doesn't raise any animals.  He says he is considered a backyard gardener.  The fact that there are crops in the backyard that we harvest, I can call him a junior farmer.  Haha.  Since he first started his garden in the front and backyard,  we truly enjoy harvesting whatever he has planted each year.  Some years are very productive although there is a lot of waiting period.  This year he did not plant as much because he has a nemesis - those damn squirrels.  During the past week, we have started harvesting and one of my favorite was the cucumber.  I was checking all the plants to see how they were doing and to my surprise there was a cucumber well hidden under their leaves.  Jeff did not even notice it until I brought it to his attention.  Our tomato plant just came back and although not as full as last year, we have started seeing more but very slowly growing.  I am most excited this year is the mini eggplant which has at least six fruit.  We also got our first yellow squash and I can't believe the one strawberry plant.  It is struggling but I picked four small ones last week and this week four new ones are getting red.  

This was the first one and now we have five more smaller one.

The first yellow squash and first cucumber produce. 

This was the surprise cucumber which is definitely bigger and crisper than the first one.

The first batch of cherry tomatoes.  We don't have as many plants as last year but it will be enough.

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