Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tachymetry Tuesday - 90 hot air balloons

For my 40th birthday, a very good friend of mine gave me a very special gift.  A champagne hot air balloon ride in the fall of 1993.  As you know I am petrified of heights, but my friend did not know this. I did not want to waste this gift certificate because I knew it was very expensive.  Finally after three times of trying it book, it did happen.  It was an amazing experience. I asked the pilot (I think that's what they call the person who flies the balloon) if he doesn't take us too too high.  To make me comfortable with the ride he told me how he can tell where the balloon was going.  It all depends on the directions of the wind. I can't remember exactly, but he spit down and watch the direction of the spit. He said after that he would come up to go left or go down to go right.  Something like that.  So where am I going with this story.  This past weekend Jeff and I went with two other couples to Reno, Nevada to watch some 90 hot air balloon take off.  We had to get up very early and take the shuttle from the hotel to the site.  There were so many people mostly wearing their pajamas. There were lots of arts and crafts vendors, as well as food vendors.  Finally the balloons started getting bigger and the races took places.  Here's some of the photos I took that I think you would recognize.


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