Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wasteful Wednesday - Buffet and big portions

What do you notice when you eat out either at a Buffet or regular restaurants?  Plates that are left with food either the portion was way too much for one to eat or the eyes are bigger than the stomach - specially when it's those all you can eat.  During our weekend get away, I started noticing all of the above.  People piling their big plate with so much food that you think they are feeding a whole table.  I notice some small plate and bowl which was just perfect for me.  It took me a few times to get full, but I made sure I only took a small amount and finish them.  I was telling a friend that there are restaurant in Canada, all you can eat Sushi, except if you waste the food, ie ordering and not finishing it, you will get charged.  It's too bad restaurant can have some portion in their menu like, mini, regular or large (for those who want more).  They can also adjust their prices.  When Jeff and I go out, most of the time we end up just sharing a meal because one order of anything is way too much food for me.  I think as I get older, I seem to eat less and less.  Although I have to admit, that when I saw
an Oyster Bar in Reno,  I asked Jeff if we can stop there for an appetizers.  I finished a dozen of raw oysters in less than 15 minutes.  Some photos to share from this weekend.

Tuesday lunch at Ariake Sushi- BBQ Eel sushi - one of my favorite.

Sunday dinner - Tilapia with sweet peppers, fennel, lime, coconut tequila salsa.

Tiramisu - Jeff's dessert at the Atlantis Casino in Reno

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