Friday, September 18, 2015

Freehand Friday - Nail art for this week

The benefit of knowing how to do your own nail art is that if it chips after a week or less than a week, you can do it the same day and it does not cost anything.  The disadvantage of getting it done at a salon is that if it chips after a couple of days because I did some dishes or I chipped it while taking my golf clubs from my trunk, I can't return to the salon to have them fix it.  And the most important one is that I paid for it and it's a waste of money.  This month I have picked the color orange.  So far I have changed the design on my nail twice but my toes still have the same plain orange color and no nail art.  I'm still hesitant about sharing nail art on my toes.  

This week's nail art.

Three weeks ago.

Last week's nail art - only lasted 5 days.

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