Monday, July 28, 2014

Must have Monday - Team Canada hockey stick putter

OMG, you cannot believe what I saw when I was at Golf Town in Edmonton, Alberta.  There it was as soon as you enter the store.  A putter shaped like a hockey stick for Team Canada.  I had to try and use it on the putting green area and the crowd goes wild, all three tries, the golf ball went directly in the hole.  Now, I wanted to buy it but as I inspect it closer, there were a lot of nicks and scratches.  I ask the sales person if they had more and he said "that is the last one and it's on sale as it was a floor model".  Next question I ask myself, how am I going to hand carry it on the plane.  A long time ago my friend Percy ask if I could buy a special baseball bat for his daughter.  I did and when I checked it at the airport they told me I couldn't carry it on the plane as it's a weapon!!.  I thought of buying the putter anyway and just wrap it and ship it home via Canada Post.  When I told Jeff about it, he said that it's available through Amazon and it will be shipped within two days.  So I walked out of the store.  Now that I am back home and started searching for it on line,  I can't seem to find the exact same one.  I still want one and hope to find one with a reasonable price that can be shipped directly to my home.  This is what it looks like.  If any of my friends in the Toronto area reads this post, could you check Golf Town in your area to see if this is available, then we can talk.

 NHL Team Canada Hockey Stick Putter

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