Thursday, July 17, 2014

Terrible Thursday - Review of restaurants

Although I am not a food critic nor an expert in the service industry, sometimes I like featuring great restaurants that we have visited and share our experience.  Since I am visiting the city of Edmonton, we have made plans with friends and sometimes just stop for a bite because it was a perfect time to have lunch.  I've taken some photos to share but would also share our recent experience.  One thing for sure is that I can't really enjoy my dinner when there's a non stop screaming of kids beside, behind or across your table.  Don't get me wrong, I love children but not when you are trying to have conversation with friends who have not seen for a while and you can't hear each other. The other negative issue about some of these restaurants is that they don't tell you right away that they ran out of a particular dish, you will order it and a minute later say that is not available.  It doesn't happen just once, twice and even three times.  Some of the dishes are expensive and some of the dishes are easy to make and my sister can cook these dishes better and very inexpensive.  So check out these foods and if you are ever in the area, you can just try and be your own judge.

My friend Patti made us her black bean spaghetti salad with greens with miso dressing.

Mixed grill (chicken, pork and beef) from Manila Grill - full of flavor and tender.

Halo Halo from Max's -we didn't order this but the other patrons allowed me to take a photo.

Crab Fried Rice from Max's - lots of garlic but great flavor.

Fried milk fish also from Max's - not greasy, boneless and crunchy.

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