Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sandals Sunday - It's soooohhhh comfy

Just in case you are wondering why I did not post as many as my usual weekly post, it was because I was visiting my sister in Edmonton.  For some of you, you probably already knew that from some of post last week.  Before I left for my trip, I bought a pair of sandals from Kohl's and I decided to take only one pair of footwear.  I wore it a couple of days before the trip and I knew that this was going to be the perfect traveling sandals.  The style is a little bit different from most of my sandals or flip flops.  After wearing it continuously for two weeks during mini holiday, I decided that when I return to San Jose, I will try and get the other colors and hopefully they would still have my size and the other two colors.  The price was a little bit higher than what I would normally pay for footwear.  If you are residing in the USA and have access to a Kohl's store, I would truly recommend this pair of sandals.  It is so comfy, light and very practical.  you could wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts and even a casual dress.  It comes in black/grey, grey/olive and grey/purple.  The first pair I bought with my 15 % coupon and the other two, I bought with my $5 reward and another 15% coupon.  For now I will have to keep using my black/grey pair until it get's old and worn before I use the other pair.
Croft & Barrow Sport Outdoor Sandals - Women 
Croft & Barrow Sport Outdoor Sandals - WomenCroft & Barrow Sport Outdoor Sandals - Women

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