Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stuck Sunday - Not children anymore

It's difficult to see parents who are currently stuck with adult children still dependent on them.  As a parent I'm very lucky to have children who were very responsible and respectful and I am blessed that they did not give me any kind of stress throughout their childhood and adulthood.  Today is Sunday and of course I think of my son who was a very good son.  He was a great and fun roommate and I would exchange anything to have him live with me forever even after he gets married and have children.  Unfortunately this would not happen.
My daughter even said one time when my son was still alive, that after I retire, I would be living with the son's family and look after his children.  That was just a wish.  So where is this post going.  Well, it's all about adult children who are still very dependent on their parents. We hear so much stories about parents having their single or divorced son or daughter living with them and sometimes with their children also.  Some of them could have a job but the rest of the day to day stuff would still be done by their parents.  These parents are stuck. Some of us would say, "kick them out as they are adults".  It's easy for us to say but I am sure those people would like to do it but it's their child, right?  What happens is that they would never get back on their feet because it's easier to stay even though it's a little embarrassing to say "they still live with their parents".  Can you actually just let them go and have them learn and live their life outside of your roof?  Does this make you a bad parent when you refuse to help them out or does this make you a good parent because you are not enabling them?  Today I hope that some of the parents gets the courage to do what is best for them and their adult children.  I wish them the best and hope that they have the strength to do it.  I truly miss my son specially when I hear stories of ungrateful children.  To all the sons and daughters, be respectful and don't abuse the kindness of your parents.  Be kind and love them as they did to you.
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