Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sour Saturday - Be a Sport

Now that the Wimbledon Championship 2014 is on it's final two days, I wanted to do my post today specially for all the followers of tennis.  If you have ever played any sport, we all know that there's only one winner.  For us who just love the sport, whatever it might be, winning is wonderful but losing is also a part of it.  So why is it that some of these players are such a sore loser.  Some of them don't even let the winner enjoy their few minutes of fame and glory.  One even tap the shoulder of the winner as if saying, let's go, what are you waiting for.
The player did not even let her opponent have her moment.  What I cannot stand are those players who come up with a variety of reasons why they lost and not give credit to their opponent who might have had a good day and played very well.  Recently a comment was made by Shriver - she wondered: "Is this a drama? Is this an act?.  One would think that after all these years, they would learn from experience and accept their lose graciously as they would when they win.  When watching their after match press conference, you get to know how the players react, who answers each and every question professionally and honestly.  For all my favorites, good luck to the rest of your match.  For those who did not make it, be a Sport, move on and start practicing for the US Open 2014.

August 25 - September 8, 2014 ( Flushing Meadows, NY )

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