Thursday, January 9, 2020

Tiring Thursday - I lost my bounce

Since I stopped taking my blood pressure medication for a few days (as per my doctor's instruction), I have not been feeling my normal self.  Sometimes I get up feeling really dizzy or woozy and I am tired for the rest of the day.  Other days I start OK and then slide down to the couch feeling less energetic.  Each and every day I try different things as well as still completing the chores at hand.  I hope this is just the adjustment of the medication whether to take it or not or to find a replacement.  Anyway, like Tigger of Winnie the Pooh, I lost my bounce.  I don't like the feeling when I am not as energetic as I usually am.  So that's why I am doing this post about getting back to normal. How long does it take to get your bounce back? I ask Tigger and this is what I got.

  1. Pounce on every opportunity
  2. Focus on the wonderful things that make you an individual
  3. Let your friends support you
  4. Try new things
  5. Figure out what you do best
  6. Start by living the "TTFN" instead of "GOODBYE"
  7. Celebrate all stripes and sizes
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I hope that I can get my bounce back sooner than later.  

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