Friday, June 28, 2019

Foodie Friday - My new favorite cake

While my MIL and CIL were visiting, I was in the zone for trying out different cake recipe.  Then I finally found it and started tweaking it.  I had so much fun combining different ingredients for this recipe.  So far I have tried four different variety.  It all began when I found a new bundt cake pan at the thrift store.  It was only $2 and I have always wanted to try making some type of cake using the bundt pan.  The first one I tried is a Lemon Raspberry cake with a lemon drizzle.  The second one is a double chocolate bundt cake with chocolate drizzle.  The third one is a Crack Cake recipe with a white wine/icing sugar drizzle and finally the one I just did yesterday is the Blueberry Crack cake with lime drizzle.  Now that I am doing this post I am not sure if I took pictures of all of the above.  Anyway, if I didn't you can just imagine it because they kinda look alike except for the chocolate one.

Raspberry Lemon Bundt Cake

Blueberry Crack Cake

Double Chocolate Bundt Cake
Have you tried any of these new flavors of M&M's?

I made this olive bread specially for Little Gracy.

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